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Rocky Mountain Province

The Rocky Mountain Province includes the Rocky Mountains and mountain ranges close by. Utah’s mountains are only a small part of this large province. Utah has two ranges in this province, the Uinta Mountains and the Wasatch Mountains.

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Christmas Meadows, on the north slope of the Uinta Mountains. Photo by Fool-on-the-Hill on Flickr.

Uinta Mountains

Running east-west, 150 miles long, this beautiful range has Utah’s highest peaks. Glaciers eroded the Uintas during the Ice Age, leaving behind thousands of lakes. Water from the southern side of the Uintas flows through the Colorado Plateau, and water from the northern side flows into the Great Basin.

What resources do these mountains have that would help people successfully live nearby?

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Lake Mary, in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountains. Photo by Utah-Dave AA71Z on Flickr.

Wasatch Mountains

The Wasatch Mountains, which stretch from Nephi into Idaho, form one edge of the Great Basin. Permanent or seasonal streams flow through canyons into the Great Basin. Several communities lie in the high valleys on the "Back of the Wasatch."

How have people used the Wasatch Mountains? Why were Utah’s early settlements located close to these mountains?

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