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Agriculture in Utah

historical photo

Abraham Jones at his farm in Utah County in the 1950s. This farmer is preparing his land for spring planting and the seagulls are picking up the earthworms behind him. The team of horses is named Mert and Marg. Mount Timpanogos is in the background.

What’s a farmer’s life like?

Waking up every morning before the sun comes up...feeding the animals…gathering eggs…planting crops and getting water to them…staying in the field all day long...working under a hot sun…taking the crops to market.

If you grew up on a farm you would live this life. On a farm--in the past and now--everybody helped. Even the little children had to do their share of the work to support the family.

Watch a slideshow about Utah agriculture. Put yourself in the place of the farmers, cowboys, and sheepmen--and imagine doing their job!

Imagine these jobs:

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