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Our Daily Diary - March 19, 1943

This is a page from a 3rd-grade class diary at the internment camp at Topaz, Utah, where the government imprisoned people of Japanese descent during World War II. Mouse over the page to learn more. Or read the text here.

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We all delivered our letters to Miss Yamauchi because she will be married tomorrow.

(The background for this page is a view from Topaz. Notice the fence and the guard tower that these children looked at every day. The diary, however, talks about kites and flying them very high. Clearly these children focused on the positive things that could be found in their difficult circumstances.)

Edwin played a joke on Miss Yamauchi.

It was Bobby's birthday yesterday. He is 9 years old.

Makoto made a kite that flew very high.

Lynn's father made him a kite.

Don's little brother has pneumonia.

(Who did the handwriting on this diary, do you think? How did the class decide what to put in the diary, do you think?

What would be left out in a diary like this?

What other questions do you have about the text?)