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The Fish Lake Water Sale

What can you learn from the following primary source? (A transcription follows--with misspellings and all!) What else would you like to learn?

See receipts for the money and horses the irrigation company committee received from farmers to help pay for the water.

Handwritten document


Loa Piute Co Utah
March 1st 1889

Artickels of Agreement

Between the Indians Poganib Bob and others owners by Decent of The Out Let of Fish Lake – and the Fremont Eragation Companys – That we the Above named Indians Do This Day Sell all our Right and title also all our airs and assigns to the Said Fremont Eragation Company to Fish in Said Out Let of Said Lake for Ever. for an In Consideration of

9 Nine horses
500 lbs of flour
1 good Beef Stear
1 Suit of Close

By us this Day Receved of Said Company – of our own free will and accord
Witness our hand or Mark
Signed in present of

E. H. Blackburn
Seth Taft
H. J. McClellan
Geo. W Shiner
Alonzo Blackburn
F. Archie Young

Poge Neab (his mark)
Bob   his mark
Toanolk   his mark
Gr atchout  (his mark)
Tom     his mark
 Joe    his mark
Gray Head     his mark
Timacant    his mark