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People! All Kinds of Folks!

actors in a 1912 play

These are actors who performed in a play in 1912, in Salt Lake City. The play was called "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch."

What people have touched your life?

Family, friends, teachers, neighbors, your dentist, the people you meet in the store, at your church, or on the street, and… who else?

How about the people you don’t ever see?  Here are just a few: the people who

People you never met have affected you.

All kinds of people have affected your life.

With history, it's the same. All kinds of people have come and gone through Utah. Each one leaves behind traces. A few have left behind major legacies.

Every life is interesting and makes a difference somehow. Including your life.

Make some new friends.

Get to know a few of the many people who have come and gone through Utah.

The first peoples

A pictographPaleoIndian
Ancestral Puebloan

American Indian groups

a Paiute girlGoshute

John C. FremontExplorers and trappers

Mormon settlers

The Mangone childrenOther immigrants

Maud May BabcockCool people

who have made a difference!