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Partner Resources: Teaching with Utah History

Access credible resources, lesson plans, and more created by our statewide partners.
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Teaching Utah with Primary Sources

Primary source sets on WWI, the CCC, WWII, Immigration, Women, and more by the Utah Division of State History.
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American Indian Resources

Curated resources for teaching Native American cultures and experiences from the past through the present day. Part of an ongoing partnership with UEN.
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Latino Sources

Resources for teaching Latino cultures and experiences in Utah and the United States. Part of an ongoing partnership with UEN.
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How To Think Like A Historian

Historians are a lot like detectives. They look for evidence from the past to figure out how and why things happened the way they did.
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Lesson Plan: Green Flake

Building Communities in

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Lesson Plan: Jane Manning James

Create a Historical Action Figure

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Lesson Plan: Terry Lee Williams

Utah’s First African American
State Senator

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