Maud May Babcock

Maude May Babcock was a teacher, actress, and promoter of physical fitness and wellness in Utah. Babcock supported the performing arts so much that she became known as the “First Lady of Utah Theater.”

Maud May Babcock was a teacher, author, and actress

In short

Babcock, or Miss B as her students called her, believed that athletics and the arts were important to her students. In fact, Miss B’s work at the University of Utah made it possible for the school to be the first to stage a play in the country!

Miss B Makes a Difference

Miss B went to school in New York state, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Paris! Education was important to Miss B! After completing her education, she became the first female professor at the University of Utah, where she taught classes in oratory and speech. There she founded two departments: the Department of Speech and the Department of Physical Education. She also gained support to fund drama programs and productions!

Photograph from the C.R. Savage Portrait Studio

A Drama Enthusiast

Miss B’s hard work and enthusiasm for artistic performance resulted in the funding of drama programs and productions at the school! The University of Utah honored Miss B by naming the Babcock Theatre after her.  The theatre is on the lower level of the Pioneer Memorial Theater building, and it presents plays and musicals from September through April. 

Miss B Made A Difference

Miss B’s drive and hard work influenced many Utahns. Her passion for the arts resulted in the education of many students, and she also served as Chaplain for the Utah State Senate. She was probably the first woman to hold this position in the United States. Drama, theatre, and physical education wouldn’t be the same without the influence and passion of Maude May Babcock.

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